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I'm your basic animated dead on puppet strings of paranoia. I don't even have a heart to break.


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24 July 14

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23 July 14

Having a support system and not feeling scared and alone all the time must be nice

Posted: 10:56 AM

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22 July 14

jezebellefleur said: I don't know what to say to make you feel better, but please just try to stop crying. Do something you like, or just go outside and take a short walk. I was constantly crying like three weeks ago and I started forcing myself to do shit and it worked

That is good advice but I don’t like anything anymore and doing things that don’t help my situation make me panic because my idiot brain tells me I am just wasting precious time. 

It’s really good to hear it worked for you, though. I will at least give it a shot.

Posted: 2:15 PM

I know no one wants to hear about it but I really cannot stop crying and it would be nice if someone could distract me for even a minute

Posted: 12:52 PM

Reasons Not to Kill Myself

- It’s hard
- Dogs

21 July 14

this is the worst i have ever felt about my future in my whole entire life. i think i’ll celebrate with frozen fudgeeohs and possibly some crying in the shower.

Posted: 2:43 PM

I am so depressed I can only get out of bed long enough to eat. Good thing I don’t have a job right now because I’d be so fired

20 July 14

my dog is sick and all i can think is WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN SHE DIES AND NOBODY LOVES ME and its pretty unpleasant

Posted: 9:35 PM

maybe if i get a good job and finally have money i can pay people to be nice to me so everything doesn’t hurt all the time

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