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I'm your basic animated dead on puppet strings of paranoia. I don't even have a heart to break.


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16 October 14
This is a picture of my 31-year-old husband playing Minecraft and being super into it

This is a picture of my 31-year-old husband playing Minecraft and being super into it

13 October 14

I’m poor and everything I own is shitty or broken. The only thing I can do to help with the boredom is eat but I have no way to exercise so I probably shouldn’t get any fatter because I can’t afford to buy new clothes. Uuugh. America is not going well.

10 October 14


this is honestly still the funniest thing i have ever seen

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Is he like the opposite of Bob Ross?

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8 October 14

We moved from the garage room into the basement room and it’s crappy but huge and has a full bathroom so I will overlook the disgusting carpet and broken door for a while. LOOK HOW SHITTY LOOKING OUR STUFF IS THO.

3 October 14

The Tim Version - Horse Sense
I go to work so I won’t have to go to work someday
And they build bombs so we won’t go to war
And the morning after I got drunk to forget about a long day
Instead I can’t recall the night before

This EP is just fucking perfect and fuck you if you don’t think so.

2 October 14

"Some people think it gets easier to cope. Well I wish it was. Yeah, I wish it was. Some people say you can’t go on without hope. But I’ve seen it done. Yeah, I’ve seen it done."

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The Tim Version - Mentally Illin’
The same shit that keeps you numb all day will keep you wide awake at night

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1 October 14

I have to not take my medication at least 3 times a week for awhile so it will last until I can get back to Canada and its really hard and I had a really rough time today and I don’t actually think I’m okay

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh